Korean Spa

When I went to my first Korean spa experience aka “Jimjilbang” I was literally shocked. A common open area where you are completely naked. I was terrified! Like most women I have some body insecurities and I’m definitely not where I want to be in terms of physique, so being in an area where I’m totally nude wasn’t ideal. When I first shed my clothing I was self conscious but after a while I got used to it I mean.. we were all nude! After my feeling of insecurity left I started to feel liberated, mainly because it was something that terrified me and I did it! I first went in the jacuzzi to soften the skin. I then went into the sauna and the most uncomfortable part, the cold dip! Going from hot to cold is really good for the circulation. I was then called to the back room to receive a full body scrub and massage. After the scrub and massage was finished, I was covered in warm milk on my body and face. This helps to whiten the skin. When I left I was feeling so soft and invigorated! Going to the k spa is more appealing to me now than doing to a fancy resort style spa because I love seeing immediate results!

Here are the details on my favorite Korean spa:

Ispa- 2332 Barranca Pkwy Irvine, CA 92606



Image taken from ispa website of the common area- the marble is heated!

Sleeping with silk

There is always some type of latest beauty trend and silk seems to be the newest hype! I was lucky to get gifted the Slip silk eye mask and a silk pillowcase by The Hollywood Silk Solution. The first day I tried it out, I fell in love! Using both the pillowcase and eye mask felt so luxurious, but what are the benefits? I decided to look into this more to share with you the top benefits of using these products.

  1. Well the obvious, you get a really good nights sleep when you are comfortable!
  2. Benefits with fighting reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  3. It is naturally hypoallergenic which means no dust mites and its resistant to allergens!
  4. Reduces hair frizz! Anti-frizz always catches my attention since I have naturally frizzy hair. I used the pillowcase for the first time after getting a blowout, and the blowout lasted two days longer than my typical blowout lasts!

After using the eye mask and pillowcase I am now a lover of silk everything! Hoping to transition to silk sheets soon but still can’t find sheets that I love. Once I do I will share my find but for now I linked my eye mask and pillowcase below!




IMG_9932_Facetune_08-02-2018-21-28-36.jpgIMG_9856 2.jpg